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Industry news/ Huaneng Yimin Open-pit Mine Enters Unmanned Dynamic Test Operation
Huaneng Yimin Open-pit Mine Enters Unmanned Dynamic Test Operation

    With the roar of the whistle, the two unmanned mining trucks in the Yimin open-pit mine of Huaneng Yimin Coal and Electricity Co., Ltd. underwent a 30-day chassis line control transformation, and all entered the dynamic commissioning stage on April 21, which is a national load capacity of 172. The first ton of diesel mining trucks undergoing chassis line control transformation for the first time in unmanned driving dynamic debugging will become a "catalyst" for accelerating the construction of intelligent large-scale open-pit coal mines in China.

In early 2020, Huaneng Group established "Research and demonstration application of unmanned key technologies for mining trucks in Yimin open pit mine" as a scientific and technological research project. Under the premise of cooperation and exchange with technology companies and equipment manufacturers, it strives to pass 6 months of exploration Researched, completed the line control transformation, static debugging, dynamic debugging, and marshalling operation of the chassis of 2 dump trucks, and realized the functions of automatic loading, autonomous navigation, automatic unloading, active avoidance, and mixed operation of unmanned trucks. Yimin Open-pit Mine carried out unmanned transformation on two mining trucks on March 16 and March 23, respectively. After 30 days, the two mining trucks were completely transformed and entered into dynamic debugging. During the dynamic commissioning phase, the dump truck will automatically start and stop, lift, unload, and drive straight in the designated closed site, along the two routes of parking, loading, crushing station and parking, loading, and dumping site. Coal transportation and stripping material transportation loading and unloading actions.

172-ton mining truck unmanned transformation mainly includes control system transformation and chassis line control transformation. Among them, chassis line control transformation is the biggest challenge and difficulty in the entire project. The project started when the epidemic was the most severe, and equipment manufacturers and structural accessories could not arrive in time. Since there has not been any chassis-based transformation of this type of mining truck in China, there is no experience to learn from, no data to compare, and in the face of difficult situations, the mine has set up a 6-person "young commando". The overhaul experience and familiarity of the truck, independently carried out the programming, equipment installation and other work, successfully completed the first domestic 172-ton diesel dump truck chassis wire-controlled transformation.

Realizing unmanned driving is an important part of building an intelligent mine. After commissioning, Yimin Open-pit Mine will transform an operation unit to carry out unmanned production operations in the designated area of the production site, and further upgrade unmanned driving in complex road conditions and multi-road The practical research under the situation of port and mixed operation provides accurate and reliable data basis for building a coal mine intelligent system with intelligent perception, intelligent decision-making and automatic execution.

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